An Interactive NFT Wine Game

WAGMI WINES is a concept designed by 4 “frens” that brings together gaming, collectibles, art, NFT’s, but most importantly, WINE! The team wanted to create an experience for holders of various NFT communities where they can get the best of both worlds – Owning an NFT of their favorite artist that is linked to a physical product. Wine was the obvious choice because who doesn’t love wine?

Our Story
At Wagmi Wines, we believe that NFT projects can add value to their communities by creating fun experiences that keep holders engaged.

We’re also big fans of wine.

The Wine
Wagmi Wine is sourced from various regions in California including Monterey, Amador, Napa, Sonoma and the Central Coast.

The selection process of the wine starts with ordering several varieties of red and white blends that the winery has in stock.

The object of the game is to collect wine label NFTs designed by popular artists, and redeem them for real wine OR hold them for special utility.

Each and every month, a new artist will design wine label NFTs. Collectors can participate in raffles and games to earn labels that can be redeemed for IRL wine or traded. Will you redeem for wine, or hold for something better?

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