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How to Play: Wagmi Wines NFTs

In the game, you’ll encounter different types of NFT’s that have varying function and utility. These NFT’s can be bought, airdropped, or won in raffles. Here is a list of the different NFT’s available in the game.

Wine Labels 

Wine label NFT’s are the primay items in the game. They can be acquired by purchasing in the secondary markets or won in raffles and other competitions. Quantities are rather limited at 200-400 per label for each drop. They can be redeemed for wine or other rewards. However, if they are held, they could unlock additional benefits, which may increase their value over time.

Game Pieces

Game pieces are also NFT’s, but they have a much larger supply and can be acquired by participating in raffles, giveaways, and of course trading. They can be redeemed for labels and other great prizes such as wine accessories and physical art. Holding onto the game pieces may also have future utility just like the labels, but there is no guarantee when and how this will be applied. 

Lagniappe Token

The Lagniappe NFT is available to holders who burn their wine labels, but opt not to receive wine or cannot receive it due to shipping restrictions. The NFT provides holders with a “wild card” utility that can change each series. The current utility is that they provide free shipping for wine.  

V2 DAO Token

The DAO NFT token represents a stake in the Hybrid DAO that was set up so holders can have equity and governance in the game. There are only ~70 total, and they can be acquired by redeeming wine labels during each drop. Once they are fully distributed, the only way to purchase them is through the secondary markets. DAO members are able to participate in the direction of the game, but also share 10% of purchases and royalties. 

*Please note only the V2 DAO token holds any utility in the project. The original DAO token is obsolete. 

V2 Cork Pass

The subscription NFT token gives holders 1 free wine label on each drop. There is fixed supply of 168 tokens, and they can only be purchased in the secondary markets.

*Please note only the V2 cork pass holds any utility in the project. The original cork pass is obsolete. 

Wine Press

The wine press is an NFT tool that is used in conjunction with game pieces to participate in events. It can be purchased in the secondary markets, or can be acquired in raffles and other burn events. 

Competition Tokens

Competition tokens are awarded to holders who compete and place in various in-game competitions. The utility for these tokens provide holders with the ability to burn for key items needed in game play. 

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