Get the most out of your wine game!

How to Play: Strategy

Getting the most out of the wine games does involve some strategy. Here are a few tips to make you a pro!ย 

1. As we do future drops, the older edition NFT wine labels will become more scarce as people burn for entries into the raffle and other events. Holding onto the older editions could have future utility and higher value, but this will not be announced until closer to drop.

2. Burning your NFT wine label will earn you a free bottle of wine with the label. The wine bottles may have encoded messages including AR that could give the user utility in future drops. Do not throw all of these bottles away as they could help solve puzzles.

3. We have introduced “game pieces”, which are NFT’s of wine related items such as wine glasses, corkscrews, decanters, etc… These items can vary in utility, and are typically far cheaper in price as they are meant to easily collect and redeem. These items are often given for free to active members so hang out in the discord and twitter spaces for your opportunity to earn. Just like the labels, these game pieces become more rare as they get burned and utilized. Just like any NFT in the game, you never know how they will play into each drop.

4. During the beginning of each series, game pieces may be airdropped to several collectors outside the collection. There is a great opportunity to pick up cheap game pieces that could sell for higher prices during future gameplay.

5. You can reduce your cost per entry in the raffles by having a diverse collection. Make offers and do your best to acquire pieces in the collection for as low as possible.

6. Hang out in the discord and attend our twitter AMA’s for tips and advice from the game maker and community members. Don’t be afraid to make trades and work strategically with community members to complete your chase.

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