Collect NFTs and redeem for wine or special utility!

How to Play: Gameplay

The primay object of the game is to collect wine label NFTs designed by popular artists, and redeem them for real wine OR hold them for special utility.

The reason we like to call the Wagmi Wines project  a “game” is because in a lot of ways there is some strategy involved. However, you are free to participate in any capacity you like. Let’s run down some of the different ways to play. 

#1 – I just want art & wine

Some of you might only be interested in purchasing the NFT wine labels so you can turn it into IRL wine, and have it shipped to your house. Or you want to collect the wine label NFTs, hold them as collectibles, and sell them down the road. If this is how you’d like to play, then you will have to join our discord or follow our twitter to get notified when we do launch our new labels. Also, there is a limited time window when you can convert your wine label NFTs for wine, so make sure to keep up-to-date. All of our NFT wine labels are listed on our drops page for reference. 

#2 – I want to join the community, participate in raffles, IRL events, and earn rewards

The best way to participate in the project is to get involved with the community at one of our offline and online events. When we drop a new artist label, there is also 3-4 weeks of raffles and chases where you can earn rewards such as special edition NFTs from the drop artist, wine labels, wine tastings, and an assortment of other prizes. The best way to get started is to join the discord and start purchasing past NFTs in the Wagmi Wines project. 

Holding past NFTs from the project provide utility in future drops that put you in position for a greater chance to win the top prizes including low edition special edition NFTs from the drop artist.  For example, holding a Cork Pass will not only get you 1 free wine label each drop, but you’ll get a free entry during the weekly raffle. 


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