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How to Play: FAQ

Why is this project using the tezos blockchain instead of ethereum?
We went with tezos primarily because of the high ethereum gas fees. Since the wine retails for around $75 USD, we needed an affordable solution for trading.

Where do the wines originate from?
The wines are sourced from various vineyards in Northern California. For each drop, there will likely be different types of wines available, but always a red and white variation.

How can I become a guest artist on a future drop?
Please reach out to one of our MODS with a little about yourself, samples of your work, and how large your community is. We’ll contact you with more details if we decide to move forward.

I live outside the US. How can I receive the wine?
Unfortunately, our distribution partner has strict guidelines on where they can send the wine. We are also unable to send the wine to Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Oklahoma or Utah You can still redeem the NFT earn Lagniappe tokens, but the wine can only go to a US address. For international holders, it’s possible to receive wine, but it can’t be shipped directly. Please DM a mod for questions about shipping.

Where can I sell the wine label NFT?
The wine label NFT’s are bought and sold using the OBJKT or CreatoRanch marketplace. You can download in the CreatoRanch app for both iphone and android devices. Once you post for sale, please allow roughly 30 minutes before the listing goes live. You can view the entire collection on OBJKT using this link

Will the type of wine change for each drop?
It’s more than likely the type of wine will change each drop. It’s always based on what is in stock at the winery.

How many free wine labels can I receive for each drop?
As mentioned previously, if you own a cork pass NFT, you’ll receive free wine labels on each drop indefinitely.

How long will it take to deliver my wine after I burn?
Delivery time will vary, but expect approx. 14 days.

What are these wine glasses and decanters for?
The wine glasses were a free airdrop and giveaway to holders and non-holders. They have different rarity, and utility will soon be announced. Check announcements for updates!


Game Definitions

WagmiWe All Gonna Make It

Wine Labels – Wine labels are the NFTs created that represent the wine in which holders can burn for. Each new series a red and white wine label get created by a guest artist. You may also receive special utility for holding labels.

Game Pieces – Game pieces are NFT’s that are released each series which are used as an in-game social currency. Usually there are 5-10 different game pieces in each series with different edition sizes. Game pieces can be burned (aka redeemed) for rewards, entries into raffles, and potential future utility.

Lagniappe Tokens – Lagniappe means “a little something extra” in French, which is what this NFT token offers. Those that prefer to not receive wine when they burn their labels can opt to receive these NFTs. They have a wildcard utility that will be announced in gameplay.

Cork Passes – Cork passes are NFTs that grant the holder 1 free wine label on each drop indefinitely. They also provide other benefits such as additional raffle entries, and discounted pricing on drops. Cork Passes were originally provided to OG holders, and only 187 will ever be available. They can be purchased in the secondary.

DAO Tokens – The creators of Wagmi Wines wanted the community to be active and participate in the governance and gameplay. 10% of all secondary royalties and purchases fund the DAO in perpetuity. During each drop, holders have the opportunity to earn DAO tokens by burning/redeeming a certain amount of wine labels. The requirements change each drop. Only 200 DAO tokens will ever exist, and they can be bought and sold in secondary.

Wine & Wheel Raffle – Wine & Wheel raffles happen each week during a new series. These raffles have a low entry cost and allow holders to earn wine labels and other prizes.

Chase – For each new drop (or series) we typically have a new game which we call a “chase”. For example, for series 2, the chase is collecting 4 decanters and redeeming for the 5th.

Drop – For each new series, we will sometimes refer to it as a “drop”.

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