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DROP #3 - makeitrad x Chris Trueman


  • Date: 07/07/22
  • Time: 3pm CST
  • Link to purchase:
  • Marketplace: OBJKT
  • # of NFT’s: 375 (200 white/175 red)
  • Max Purchase: N/A
  • Price: 33 tez (xyz)
  • Burn Form: TBD
  • Burn Date: TBD
  • Artist: makeitrad & Chris Trueman 
  • Red Wine Type: Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles
    Label Art: 3D Black Box
  • White Wine: Monterey County Chardonnay
    Label Art: 3D White Box

About the artists

Makeitrad is a Los Angeles based artist, designer, pixel manipulator, who looks at the world with childlike wonder. His work examines the internal struggle to find organic beauty while being trapped in technology. Much of the work is created with the computer as a tool, however the ideas of randomness and noise drive the final forms. Combine this with the ability to see through the lens of a child and you are left with something vibrant, fun, innocent and naive.

Chris Trueman draws on Op Art and Abstract Expressionism for his distinct style that references graffiti and digital art. “I make paintings based on the premise that the sum of two contradicting experiences does not cancel out but creates a whole separate experience unto itself,” the Southern California–based artist has said. Trueman achieves his unique optical and textural effects by alternating between gestural painting and spray-painting. Working on unprimed canvas, he uses squeegees and brushes to apply gestural swatches of paint. He then tapes off layers of his canvases and sprays acrylic paint on them, noticing how it adheres to the canvas. Such techniques create hard-edged bands of untouched canvas that bring a sense of order to his otherwise expressionistic compositions.

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