A Hybrid DAO for Better Input & Rewards!

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The WW-DAO was created to give the community an opportunity to provide meaningful input in the direction of the game, and earn passive rewards for their contributions. You can purchase a DAO token here or join the discord for announcements on how to acquire them in future drops.ย 


There will be a total of 200 WW-DAO tokens available. In order to enter the WW-DAO, the holder must burn wine labels during a specified time frame. 10% of funds generated from each drop will be allocated to the WW-DAO into a separate wallet. 10% of all royalties will also be allocated to the WW-DAO. The leftover WW-DAO tokens will be distributed over time, but it will be increasingly more difficult to earn them.


Each WW-DAO token will eventually represent a 0.5% stake in the pool at full distribution. If the WW-DAO token is sold, there is no longer any past or future claim to the pool. Each token holder gets 1 vote on any petitions and access to the WW-DAO holders discord channel.


Any member of the WW-DAO can create a petition. If it can get at least 25% support, then we can open it up for further discussion and have a vote. All of this will be done via discord.

The community CAN petition on the following:

  • New gameplay strategies and concepts
  • Allocation of WW-DAO funds (i.e. investing, staking, disbursement, etcโ€ฆ)
  • Artist recommendations
  • Marketing/Promotional concepts

The community CANNOT petition on the following:

  • Removal of any WAGMI owners or community managers appointed by them
  • Removal of any WW-DAO holders voting rights
  • If a WW-DAO holder is causing problems, the owners will make the final decision on removal.


WW-DAO token must be held to participate in governance. The community manager will be in charge of making sure everyone follows the rules. A petition must have at least 25% a (of active WW-DAO token holders) support with a super majority of 66% (โ…”) to be put into action. After this takes place, WAGMI owners must also vote it in with a โ…” majority. This will ensure that the community does not make any decisions that could compromise the integrity and business end of the games.


If a WW-DAO holder is disrupting the community, they will be warned. If they persist, then the WAGMI owners must have a โ…” vote to remove. The WW-DAO holder that gets removed may still own a stake in the WW-DAO, but they will lose all voting rights. They can petition to get back to the discord if certain conditions are met.


If the WW-DAO decides they want to take a withdrawal, it will be paid out in tezos. The WAGMI owners of the project will be responsible for the distribution.


If the WW-DAO decides to invest the funds into another project, the wallet (whether it be ETH or TEZ) will be created and maintained by the WAGMI ownership.


  • WW-DAO holders may own multiple tokens, but they only get 1 vote, but may yield proportionate rewards and payout.
  • The WW-DAO is not an official web3 DAO, and will still have some centralized components.
  • WW-DAO cannot make any votes to liquidate the fund until after the 3rd drop.
    The wallet that stores the
  • WW-DAO funds is owned and managed by the project creator. The address is tz1VXekobAJ9ishrtJMPvjMYuhfReQdgJAeo.

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