Gaming, Collectibles, Art, NFTs, & Most Importantly, Wine!

Our Story

WAGMI WINES is a concept designed by four “frens” that brings together gaming, collectibles, art, NFT’s, but more importantly, WINE! The team wanted to create an experience for holders of various NFT communities where they can get the best of both worlds – Owning an NFT of their favorite artist that is linked to a physical product. Wine was the obvious choice because who doesn’t love wine?

The Team

By day, Greg is the CEO of an online travel website that re-sells experiences all over the US such as fishing trips, boating excursions, and museum tickets.  

After initially creating the concept, Greg reached out to fellow Based Fish Mafia holders Chris Trueman, Jared Sandler, and Alex Benko to refine the concept. Chris Trueman is an established artist in the NFT space, but also a founding partner in the recently launched CreatoRanch NFT marketplace. Jared, lawyer by day, NFT trader and “idea guy” by night. Alex assists from the dev side so we have a great online presence and have the best tools to scale our project. Greg, Jared, Alex, and Chris felt it was the perfect partnership as they can play off each other’s strengths to create an incredible experience for holders.

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